05/01/2018First meeting back: games nightMeeting at the hut in half uniform (Scout shirts, trousers, trainers and scarfs).
12/01/2018No meeting- leaders on camp
13/01/2018Chilly Goat weekend
19/01/2018crane mania building working cranes and using them
26/01/2018exploding eggs
27/01/2018Group PartyWe are meeting at 5.15pm at the Church Hall for our annual Group Scout Christmas Party with tea, followed by games and a film (U or PG). Scouts don't need to bring along any food or drink and no uniform is required.
02/02/2018CatapultsBuilding and using catapults
09/02/2018Upside down pancakesmaking pancakes from alternative ingredients
16/02/2018No scouts- Half term
23/02/2018Unnamed meeting
02/03/2018wide game
03/03/2018District swimming gala
09/03/2018Unnamed meeting
16/03/2018Firesusing kelly kettles
23/03/2018last meeting of term