Thunderbirds are go

News Flash!  4th Eastcote Family Camp 2016

There will be plenty of 5,4,3,2,1 Thunderbirds are go, FAB and “Anything can happen in the next five minutes” along with all the usual fun, games, activity bases and of course the traditional Scout campfire at this year’s Thunderbirds themed family camp.

With four weeks to go you still have time to be creative and borrow, make or otherwise acquire Thunderbird costumes and paraphernalia and to practice a slightly strange marionette based jerky walk, so you can all be inducted into the International Rescue hall of fame. (OK, I made that bit up, if not the hall of fame then at least we will all have a good time and look daft together).

We will have our expert team of caterers on hand to make sure we are all well fed, so as well as great food there will be plenty of tea breaks along with cake and biscuits. The weather forecast for camp as always is “fine and dry”

So get your creative thinking hats on and don’t forget the parents meeting on Sunday 3 July starting at 5.30 pm in the HQ. All campers are encouraged to attend (including children), particularly those of you that haven’t been to one of our camps before. This is the first opportunity for you to meet your fellow campers and the leadership team. The meeting shouldn’t last longer than 45 minutes.

Thunderbirds are Go!

All the best from

Jeff Tracy and Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward